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COMMUNE ~Artist Colony

Off Old Queens Road, Miskeen Gali ~ Karachi, Pakistan

Phone: 021-2440279/ 021-2440538

Commune is situated in Sadiq Godaam; a colony of old warehouses. The sounds and lights of urban Karachi and the colours and chaos of Miskeen Gali, surround it. Commune is a creative gathering space for artists. The agenda is promotion of visual and performing arts and strengthening of the artist community in Karachi and beyond. Commune provides an alternative exhibit and performing space to artists as well as a platform for discussion. The colony in Miskeen Gali aims to become a center point for art and art related activities.
Commune is currently equipped with; two large well-lit multi-purpose spaces which are ideal for exhibits and performances, and a small coffee bar. Warehouse spaces can also be rented out by production houses/filmmakers. Artist studios are available for rent as well as space for lectures/seminars by individuals or organizations. Workshops, exhibits & performances are a regular feature at Commune. We also provide design consultancy and resident artist opportunities. Commune will be soon providing a one-stop shop for artists, with the following services available at the premises: Documentation of artwork: photography, catalogues & printing.
Commune welcomes the community, and seeks their support and participation. Kindly contact us for further details/inquiries.


PULSE by Sarah Bakhtiyar
Mural & Paintings
Gallery hours:
MONDAYS to SATURDAYS 5:00 to 7:00

The mural titled PULSE is a combination of drawing and painting on a wall 64 feet in length, on the front face of a warehouse. The concept for this mural is based on a literary text 'The Wyf of Bath', by Chaucer. It plays on the author's idea of women desiring sovereignty in relationships. The concept of working towards power and at gaining it the immense sense of satisfaction is being underlined through this project. There are a series of large scale paintings and smaller studies which accompany the mural and are displayed in the Commune gallery. The large paintings range from 12ft to 16ft in width and / or length. Power, energy and movement are the themes employed. The smaller studies are made with a minimalist approach.

Sarah Bakhtiyar is a graduate of the Indus Valley school of Art & Architecture. Her work mainly consists of large paintings on canvas and paper. She is currently affiliated with Commune ~ Artist Colony, where her solo show is being held. Sarah's next project is a mural in Detroit, USA .

"Tihai" a recital by K'la
May 2006

Tihai is a three-part recital inspired by radio plays.
K'la as a theatre group is dedicated to the revival of audio/radio plays.

July 2006

Featuring Ali Azmat unplugged

FIFA: Football final 09.07.06
July 2006

Akasa Series
September 4th 2006

Fareen Butt is a New York based abstract pointalist. The Akasa series is based on the writings of Suhrawardi, a Persian sufi saint, who explored light, space and sound. The series physically consists of 101 paintings, done on gallery wrap canvas. Fareens's work is being featured at the Christie's auction house in November.

Ghazal evening by Sultan Amir Khan sponsored by the Hadeedian Association
September 16th 2006


The interactive studio is a concept that encourages collaboration and discussion between participants and instructors. The interactive studios focus on integration and exploration of skill and concept. These interactive studio sessions are aimed at adults who are interested in learning specific skills related to the self, art & art making processes. The Commune Artist Colony provides a creative environment where participants will have the chance to explore their interests and work with instructors who are all artists and practitioners. The studio sessions are scheduled such that they can be conveniently attended by working adults. The duration of each studio is mentioned with its details.
To register kindly fill out a form and submit a cheque made to the Commune Artist Colony, we are open Monday - Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. For details/directions contact us at:
021-2440279/ 021-2440538



VISITING ARTIST : Kristine Michael (India)

Ceramics: Egyptian paste and low-fired clays

Egyptian Paste was used, as the name implies, by the ancient Egyptians, as far back as 7,000 years ago. Ornaments made from this material have been found in most Egyptian burial tombs. Egyptian Paste is a self-glazing, low-firing clay body that was probably discovered by accident when a mixture of sand, clay, potash feldspar and soda ash were fired. The Egyptian Paste body contains soluble salts that rise to the surface while the work is drying. This layer of salt acts as a flux, glazing the surface and also helping the clay body itself to vitrify at low temperatures.The most traditional color which the Egyptians used themselves is the turquoise color known from ancient beads, amulets and scarabs.
Egyptian Paste is usually fired to a temperature range of 1650 o - 1800 o F (900o - 1000o C, Cone 010 - 06)

Duration: 14th – 19th November 2006
Fee: 3000

Born in New Delhi, India in 1960, Kristine Michael is a ceramic artist who initially trained in industrial ceramic design. She apprenticed with Ray Meeker and Deborah Smith at the Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry, and with Alan Caiger-Smith at Aldermaston Pottery and at Dart Pottery, UK.
From 1984, she has worked in New Delhi and Pondicherry exploring the possibilities of clay sculptural and functional objects through stoneware, porcelain and earthenware, and the glaze techniques of wood firing, salt glazing, raku, pit firing and lustre ware. She has held over fifteen solo exhibitions in cities in India and participated in international group exhibitions which include 'Made at the Clay Studio' Philadelphia, USA (1998), 5th World Triennale of Small Ceramics, Zagreb, Croatia (1997), Fletcher Challenge Ceramic Exhibition, Auckland, New Zealand (1990), Ceramics '88, International Potter's Conference, Sydney, Australia (1988). Her work is in the permanent collection of South Asian Contemporary Art at Bradford Museum, UK, and The British Council Collection, UK.
She has been awarded among others, the Lalit Kala Grant (1986), Junior Fellowship, Department of Culture (1987-'89), Charles Wallace Trust, Festival of India Arts Award (1992), Sanskriti Fine Arts award (1996).
In 1998, she was the Visiting Guest Artist at the Clay Studio, Philadelphia and a Nehru Trust scholar to the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum, London researching 19th century Indian glazed pottery in 1999. She has taught pottery and sculpture at both secondary school and college level. She presently teaches ceramics at The British School in New Delhi.



Ceramics: hand-building - Basic
Instructors: Raania A.K Durrani / Shazieh Gorji

This workshop will address the basics of hand-building: functional and sculptural works in clay. Experimentation with form and surface will be encouraged. Projects may include vases, boxes, tiles, bowls, wall sculptures and more. Participants will be expected to purchase their own clay; clay will be available for purchase at the venue as well. A list of tools will be provided upon registration. Don't forget to dress-for-mess and bring an old towel to class.
Duration: 3 weeks
Monday & Thursday 5-7 pm, Saturday studio hours 12 - 3 pm
Fee: 8,000

Outdoor painting
Instructor: Sarah Bakhtiyar

This particular project will focus on exploring mediums for painting in a diverse way. Participants will be dealing with colour, forms, technique, concept and scale. It will also be a session to develop the thinking process which involves research. Outdoor painting is challenging and most exciting as it depends on several factors such as venue, environment, weather and medium. This project will also be a chance to work with others as a group, developing camaraderie and benefiting from collaboration.
Duration: 3 weeks
Tuesday & Thursday 5 - 7 pm, Saturday open studio 11am - 4 pm
Fee: Rs.6000
coffee bar

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